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What is Powder Coating?

Powder coating is the process of applying a polymer based dry powder to an item, that is usually metallic. This is done by spraying powder that is electrically charged onto the surface of the item, which is grounded.  This charge causes the particles to stick to the item.  Once baked in the oven it is cured to achieve the proper finished look.  There are no evaporating solvents as heat alone is used to cure the coating.


Why Choose Powder Coating?


When properly applied, the powder coating is extremely durable and will outperform conventional paint.  It is safer to apply and results are long lasting.  Powder coats with proper UV protection will hold up to the intense rays of the sun.


Why Choose Black Rim Powder Coating?


Its simple.  I am a small shop that takes pride in their work and wants you to be pleased enough to come back or tell a friend.  Check out the other pages for examples of past work.

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