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A basic set of 20" wheels costs $400 plus tax to coat.  This price assumes that you bring in the wheels with the tires already removed.  It includes removal of the old coating, and applying 1 color of new coating.  Additional charges may be added for a 2nd color, a clear top coat, or any light curb damage repair.  Add $50 for rims that are 22".  They are the largest that can currently fit in the oven.  

22" $450

20" $400

19" $380

18" $360

17" $340

If you need to have your tires removed from the rims I can direct you to a shop that can help you with this.  Otherwise for an extra charge of $125 I can take care of this for you.  That cost is for removal and then remount/rebalance.

All other jobs are are on a per quote basis.  

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